Citizens Obediently Praying for Safety is a ministry that is geared toward praying for the safety and well being of all Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) including Correctional Officers, 911 Dispatchers and Probation and Parole Officers on a daily basis and to express our appreciation to them. We are a nondenominational, Christian organization that believes in the power of prayer and we consider it a privilege and an honor to pray for Law Enforcement (LE) personnell by name.

As a fellow police officer, I also know all too well the dangers, the stress, and the lack of respect that law enforcement personnell receive on a daily basis from the negative side of society. Not all citizens are that way and we at ICM want you to know that we care about you and we support you. I also know and understand the power of prayer and how it can save your life! I am a live today because someone was praying for me!


We have included 911 Dispatchers in this ministry because we believe they are one of the most "overlooked" individuals in law enforcement. They too have an extremely stressful job and we want them to know also they are appreciated and loved. We have also included probation and parole officers because they walk into dangerous situations and are usually unarmed.


If you are a Police Officer, Correctional Officer, 911 Dispatcher, Probation or a Parole Officer and would like to be prayed for by name on a daily basis please CLICK HERE and fill out the form. Or you can click on "Join Us" at the top of this page. Please know that the list of names received will not be given to the general public. Again, as a fellow police officer, I understand that concern! To ensure your privacy, the only person(s) who will have the master list of names are members of the International C.O.P.S. Ministries staff. Only one individual family will be given your individual name for a period of twelve months so they can pray for you. At the end of twelve months your name will be given to a different family for another period of twelve months. This will be repeated for as long as you remain on our prayer list. If you change agencies, ranks or positions, please contact us and let us know.


Every law enforcement personnell will receive a FREE royal blue International C.O.P.S. Ministries t-shirt just for signing up to be prayed for.

An emergency prayer chain has also been established for LE personnell and their family. If there is an emergency or a need, this prayer chain is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The request will be held in the strictest confidence. The number to call for that is my cell phone: 865-405-0521.


Our Mailing Address is:
P.O. Box 892
Clinton, TN 37717-0892


I look forward to hearing from you. Be safe out there!! VEST UP!!


Sincerely Serving HIM,

Officer Randy A. Myers

Founder of International C.O.P.S. Ministries

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